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Book Blast & Giveaway: Beauty Series by Skye Warren

Beauty Touched the Beast

Beauty Touched the Beast
Beauty Serial, Book 1
Skye Warren

Genre: Erotic Romance

Date of Publication: November 27, 2011

Number of pages: 23
Word Count: 6,000

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Erin cleans Mr. Morris’s house twice a week, soaking up every moment with the reclusive ex-soldier she secretly loves. Blake Morris knows he’s scarred both inside and out and is no good for the beautiful young woman who cleans his house to pay for college. But when Erin walks in on Blake touching himself and moaning her name, all bets are off.

Beauty Touched the Beast is a short erotic story of lovers finding refuge with each other. Not for those under 18 years of age or those uncomfortable with the subject matter.

He flashed her what was she supposed was a conciliatory smile but looked more like a grimace. And that made her think of what he looked like when he climaxed. Dammit.

She really should shut up now, but she couldn’t seem to stop. “I was wondering if you, that is, if you were thinking of me…weren’t you?” she asked.

His eyes widened even as his lips tightened.

“Well, it’s only that, I wondered if… if it was just a passing thought or if it was more ... ” She trailed off.

He looked alarmed now and she cursed herself silently. “Erin,” he said, his voice strangled. “You don’t feel that I was asking you to do anything…inappropriate, do you? That I would try to make you do something—something you didn’t want?”

“No!” she exclaimed in dismay. “Of course not. I just meant that, well, if you were interested in me that way, well, I—” She took a deep breath and rushed out, “I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it.”

“You—” He broke off. She noticed detachedly that his hand was gripping the counter so tight his knuckles were white. He swayed forward as if to approach her but then leaned back. “Are you sure? Are you sure you don’t feel pressured? I would never ever want you to feel that you had to—”

“No, no. It’s not that, I swear. And the same goes for you, too. If you don’t want to, please don’t feel that you must—”

“If I don’t want to,” he repeated, sounding dazed. His eyes unfocused for a minute, and then pinned her. He stepped forward and then circled around, standing behind her. Her hair rustled and scalp tingled where his face leaned into her hair, as if he were scenting her.

He trailed a finger lightly from the crown of her head, down her hair, along her shoulder and her arm. It wasn’t an overtly sexual touch, but she found it highly erotic. The past two days of heightened arousal boiled over in her until she felt strung out with need.

“Please,” she whimpered, shocked at herself even as she said it. She considered herself a proud woman, probably to her detriment. Her circumstances, cleaning houses while her classmates drove their Mercedes to class, ought to bring her down, but she would not be cowed. She was like him—she never begged, not for anything, money, favor and certainly not sex. Yet here she was wanting—no, needing him, a feeling foreign but very real.

Beneath the Beauty

Beneath the Beauty
Beauty Serial, Book 2
Skye Warren

Genre: Erotic Romance

Date of Publication: May 20, 2013

Number of pages:
Word Count: 18, 000

Available at the following retailers:
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In the long anticipated sequel to Amazon Erotica Bestseller Beauty Touched the Beast, Erin and Blake explore their new intimacy and encounter old enemies.

When Blake receives an offer to return to his alma mater as associate professor, he knows this is his chance to reenter the world—and to be worthy of the woman he loves. Erin wants this chance for him to heal… even if it means leaving her behind.

Beneath the Beauty is a novella in the Beauty serial. Don’t miss the sexy initial installment, Beauty Touched the Beast, available now.


Skye will be awarding a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

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Author Bio:
Skye Warren writes unapologetic erotica, where pain and sex and love collide. Her books have and has reached the bestseller lists at Amazon and been a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick.

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  1. I so need to pick up one of her books. I've been wanting to read them for a while and have had to many people tell me I need to but darn the time gets away from me. I think this needs to be my June goal :) Picked up book one in the series and will give it a go! Thank ya!

  2. I read the first one a while ago. It was a quick enjoyable read. I remember thinking, "There just has to be more to this story..." Thankfully, the Ms. Warren got that message and is continuing the story. I will grabbing the next one to read myself soon.

  3. Thanks for having me, Judy! I'm so glad you enjoyed the first one! It did take me a while to come around but I'm so glad I did, it was a lot of fun to write the rest their story. I hope everyone enjoys the sexiness that is Erin and Blake ;-)

    - Skye

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I was excited to see this go serial. I am sure I will have as much fun reading it as you did writing it. Thanks for listening and continuing their story. :)

  5. There's just something about former-soldiers that turn a girl on!

    andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

  6. It's that take charge decisiveness I think. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Thanks for the excerpt.

    kareninnc at gmail dot com


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